1. Anonymous asked: Who do you look to for artistic inspiration the most?

    I’d say probably a combination of Aaron Draplin and Breanne Trammell. 

  2. prismnaillacquer:


    This white creme is accented by matte red circle glitter and black bar glitter to pay homage to one of Minneapolis’ most famous sculptures, the Spoonbridge & Cherry. Designed by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, the Spoonbridge is a staple sight for any visit to the Twin Cities.  Use three coats for best coverage and glitter variety and carry a little piece of Minnesota with you everywhere you go.

  3. prismnaillacquer:


    Inspired by the Minnesota night sky, this blackened navy base sparkles with micro holographic twinkles. Opaque in two coats and long-wearing, this shade is sure to stun and surprise.


  4. Updated my artist statement finally!

  5. Rings of Uranus publication layouts.

  6. Making some microbe/bacterium/psychedelic worm snakes.

  7. Identity applications for Prism including cool buttons and stickers.  I’ve been wearing the Minneapolis skyline buttons all week.

  8. Instant photography pt. 3

    fall 2013 - winter 2014

  9. In progress spreads from my redesign of the world’s ugliest book.

  10. Instant photos pt. 2

    summer 2013 - winter 2014