1. Not sure what to do with these yet.  Playing with sequences and negative space. 

  2. Process shots of Trita imagery/logotype for upcoming ephemera.

  3. And the real photos from the Trita shoot.  The beginning of a beautiful partnership.  Excited to continue to work with them.

  4. Outtakes from an upcoming photoshoot for a Minneapolis band called Trita.  Happy accidents.  Summer projects!


  5. Anonymous said: What would your pro wrestling costume be?

    Well if I were taking inspiration from female wrestlers I really liked Tamina’s outfit at Extreme Rules, and I always really liked Natalya’s boots and Beth Phoenix’s Wonder Woman-esque crown thing but honestly if I could just go out in black leggings and a flannel shirt like Cactus Jack I would be pretty happy.

  6. My installation for PRISM is finally up and finished!  Components include a look book, product photography, identity applications, plaster casts of my hands, and more!


  7. Anonymous said: If you had to choose between sitting on a tack or a rotten tomato, which would you choose?

    Gotta let my hardcore hero Mick Foley down and go with the tomato on this one.


  8. Anonymous said: What would you do if you had a dick for a day?

    Pee my name in the snow.


  9. Anonymous said: Where does my extra sock go when I do laundry?

    Probably between the spinning bucket part and the stable outer shell part.

  10. prismnaillacquer:

    FEATURED SHADE: 10,000

    So many great lakes, we couldn’t decide which one to name this polish after!  So we figured, why not go for them all?  This polish was created to mimic one of the many colors that Minnesota’s lakes shift between.  A bright robin’s egg blue is complemented by vibrant yet subtle blue-purple micro shimmer. Reminiscent of the way sunlight dances off the surface of the water in summer, this bold hue is a great way to add color to any outfit.